Olive leaf extract lowered blood pressure and improved lipids in men

Olive leaf contains oleuropein, a natural polyphenol with heart health benefits.

In this study, 60 pre-hypertensive men, with systolic blood pressure of 121 to 140, and diastolic pressure of 81 to 90, took 136 mg of olive leaf extract polyphenols per day or a placebo, in alternating six-week phases. 

While the placebo group did not improve, the olive leaf group saw daytime and 24-hour systolic blood pressures decline by 3.95 and 3.33 mmHg, respectively, and the same readings for diastolic pressures decline by 3.0 and 2.42 mmHg. Total and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides also declined for olive leaf, and a sign of inflammation, interleukin-8, was also slightly lower.

The improvements in total and LDL cholesterols could reduce chances for heart and circulatory events by 4.2 to 9.75 percent, and the blood pressure improvements could lower chances of heart disease 9 to 14 percent. Stroke and heart events could also be 20 to 22.5 percent less likely, doctors said.

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