Zinc may protect against heart disease in type 2 diabetes
Earlier studies found zinc health benefits in type 2 diabetes, but its effect on heart disease in diabetics needs more study. Doctors reviewed 14 scientific papers covering 91,708 people with cardiovascular disease and another 334,378 with type 2 diabetes to find a relationship between zinc levels and heart disease. Overall, those who were less healthy, including people with circulatory problems or type 2 diabetes, were less likely to have cardiovascular disease when zinc levels were higher.

One study found those with type 2 diabetes and zinc levels below 14.1 micromoles per liter of blood were 37 percent more likely to have a heart attack compared to those with higher zinc levels. Another study found those with poor circulation and zinc levels below 11.9 micromoles per liter were more likely to die from heart disease than similar people with higher zinc levels.

Reference: Nutrients; 2016, Vol. 8, No. 11, 707.
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