Folate, C and D may prevent first-time psychoses

Lack of nutrients, or the inability to absorb nutrients, is a well-known factor in long-term psychiatric disorders.

This study looked at first-time, or first episode psychosis (FEP). Doctors analyzed findings from 28 studies that measured blood levels of six vitamins and 10 minerals in 2,612 individuals who were experiencing FEP or who were in the early stages of treatment. Nine of the studies found a strong link between low levels of vitamin B9 (folate) and FEP. Seven of the studies found that low levels of vitamin D were a major difference between those with FEP and similar, but healthy nonpsychiatric individuals.

Five studies measured antioxidants and found large deficits of vitamin C in FEP. This is the first study to measure nutrient status in FEP, and the first to show that, compared to nonpsychiatric individuals, people with FEP may also have low nutritional status even before antipsychotic treatment.

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