Relora® shown to reduce stress and improve mood
Two plant-based nutrients, from magnolia and phellodendron bark, are traditional remedies for anxiety and stress. Doctors in this study measured cortisol, a hormone the body releases under stress, in 56 men and women with moderate levels of psychological stress. Participants took a placebo or 250 mg of Relora®, a magnolia-phellodendron bark preparation, twice per day.

After four weeks, compared to placebo, cortisol levels in saliva were 18 percent lower in the Relora group. While the placebo group did not improve, the Relora group saw overall stress fall by 11 percent, and overall mood improve by 11 percent. Also compared to placebo, there were larger improvements in perceptions of tension, depression, anger, fatigue, confusion, and vigor for those who took Relora for four weeks.

Reference: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition; 2013, Vol. 10, No. 1, 37
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