Synbiotics help balance the digestive system
Waste moves through the digestive tract at the rate of muscular contractions in the large intestine. When these contractions are slow—a condition called slow transit—waste can accumulate, causing constipation. In this study, 100 people with slow transit took a prebiotic and a probiotic, together called “synbiotics,” twice daily, or a placebo.

The synbiotic group had begun to improve by week four. After 12 weeks, 45.8 percent of those taking synbiotics had normalized transit times compared to 16.7 percent for placebo, and 64.6 percent of those in the synbiotic group showed clinical improvement compared to 29.2 percent for placebo, including increased stool frequency and consistency, decreased transit time, and fewer constipation symptoms.

Reference: Nutrients; 2016, Vol. 8, No. 10, 605.
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