Ginger is associated with lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides

Ginger is part of the same plant family as cardamom and turmeric, and is rich in anti-inflammatory phenolic compounds.

In this analysis of 12 lipid clinical trials covering 586 participants, doctors found those taking ginger saw an average decrease in LDL, the “bad” cholesterol, of 4.90 mg per deciliter of blood (mg/dL). Also, triglycerides—the most common fat in the body—dropped by 17.59 mg/dL.

Participants in studies using a low dose of ginger—no more than 2,000 mg per day—saw total cholesterol decline by an average of 12.26 mg/dL, and triglycerides decrease by 38.42 mg/dL. Discussing the findings, doctors said elevated blood lipids are a major factor in heart and circulatory problems, and that ginger may be a safe, effective, non-drug, lipid-lowering therapy.

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