Sea buckthorn reduced cholesterol
Doctors combined results from 11 studies covering 900 people who took sea buckthorn berries or extract. Some participants were healthy, some had fatty liver disease, and others had high lipid levels.

Overall, sea buckthorn reduced total cholesterol by an average of 24.3 mg per deciliter of blood (mg/dL); triglycerides by 40.7 mg/dL, and LDL cholesterol by 23.9 mg/dL. Those taking sea buckthorn who had higher chances of developing heart or circulatory diseases saw HDL, the “good” cholesterol, increase by 10.4 mg/dL.

Discussing the findings, doctors said the heart-protective effects of sea buckthorn may be due to the antioxidant phytochemicals, especially flavonoids and beta-sitosterol.

Reference: Trends in Food Science & Technology; March, 2017, Vol. 61, 1-10.
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