Vitamin D improves cholesterol in children

Doctors aren’t sure of the link between vitamin D and lipids in children, but imbalanced lipids are appearing more frequently in the young, perhaps due to unfavorable changes in diet and exercise.

In this study, doctors measured vitamin D levels and lipid profiles in 512 children, aged six to eight. Children whose vitamin D levels were higher than 32 nanograms per milliliter of blood (ng/mL) had lower total cholesterol levels and lower LDL—the “bad”— cholesterol levels, compared to children whose vitamin D levels fell below 20 ng/mL—the level many doctors believe is the minimum for sufficiency.

Other factors might influence the relationship of vitamin D to cholesterol including genetic and hereditary factors, body fat mass, diet, physical activity, parental education, and time of year of the vitamin D blood sample, but none of these factors changed the link between higher vitamin D levels and lower cholesterol levels.

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