Lycopene reduces stroke risk in men
Earlier studies have linked fruits, vegetables, and carotenoids to lower chances of stroke, but the findings have been inconsistent, according to doctors. In this study, researchers measured carotenoid levels in 1,031 Finnish men, aged 46 to 65, and followed up for 12 years.

Researchers took into account differences in lifestyle, body mass index scores, blood pressure, LDL cholesterol levels, diabetes, smoking, and history of stroke. Compared to men with the lowest levels, men with the highest levels of the carotenoid lycopene—abundant in tomatoes—were 59 percent less likely to have had an ischemic stroke, where a blockage cuts off oxygen to the brain; and were 55 percent less likely to have had a stroke of any kind.

Reference: Neurology; 2012, Vol. 79, No. 15, 1540-7

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