Magnesium improves artery flexibility
Long-term observational studies suggest magnesium has heart-health benefits, but studies that administer magnesium supplements have been inconsistent. In this study, 52 overweight or obese men and postmenopausal women took a placebo or 350 mg of magnesium, in three 117 mg doses per day. After 24 weeks, those taking magnesium saw a significant improvement in arterial flexibility while the placebo group was less flexible. Doctors measured “pulse wave velocity”—how quickly blood travels through the arteries—from the large artery in the neck to the large artery in the thigh. The placebo group saw an increase in velocity of 5 meters per second— signaling stiffer, less flexible arteries—while the magnesium group after 24 weeks had a 1-meter per second decrease in velocity, meaning softer, more elastic arteries.

Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; April, 2016, Published Online.
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