Vitamin C improves blood vessel function

Vitamin C can lower chances of heart problems, but prior studies of vitamin C and blood vessel function have been inconclusive.  

In this review of 44 clinical trials covering 1,129 people, researchers found vitamin C improved blood vessel function, particularly in those with higher chances of vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart failure, and diabetes. Doctors said a thin layer, known as the endothelium, lines the blood vessels and regulates their flexibility. Oxidation and inflammation damage and stiffen the endothelium.

Vitamin C directly reduces this oxidation and inflammation and also appears to make nitric oxide, a powerful blood vessel relaxer, more available to the blood vessels. Discussing the findings, doctors said the benefits of vitamin C began at doses greater than 500 mg of vitamin C per day, and to their knowledge, this is the first review and analysis of the effect of vitamin C supplements on blood vessel function in human adults.

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