Carbohydrate-protein supplement improves strength performance

It has been reported that a carbohydrate-protein supplement helps to maintain an environment that should enhance glycogen and protein synthesis after weight training.

Experienced weight trainers did three days of weight training taking a carbohydrate-protein or placebo beverage two hours before and during recovery from their weight training sessions. Each weight training session consisted of four sets of ten reps of the squat, bent over row, bench press and military press.

The carbohydrate-protein supplement resulted in a metabolic and hormonal environment that could increase glycogen and protein synthesis compared to the placebo. The differences between the placebo and supplement included increased blood concentrations of glucose, insulin, growth hormone and insulin-like-growth factor one (IGF-1), and decreased blood lactate concentrations at various time points over the three days of weight training.The data show that a carbohydrate-protein supplement alters in a positive manner the metabolic and hormonal environment responses to consecutive days of weight training.

Dosage Guidelines: Using a carbohydrate-protein supplement in the 60 minutes before and in the immediate 30 minutes after exercise will help muscle glycogen and hormonal levels.

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