Omega-3 supplements may help boys with ADHD
This study followed 40 boys, aged 8 to 14, half of whom had ADHD, with most of these continuing to take stimulant medications. Doctors compared them to 39 similar boys who did not participate in the study. The 40 study boys took 10 grams of margarine enriched with 650 mg of EPA/DHA per day, or a placebo.

After 16 weeks, parents of the kids who had taken EPA/DHA said attention had improved, regardless of whether they had ADHD or not. Both boys with ADHD and typically developing children benefit from taking omega-3 supplements. Doctors emphasized it is important to get sufficient omega-3s during general development and that omega-3s may enhance standard pharmacological therapies in children with ADHD. 

Neuropsychopharmacology; March, 2015, Published Online.
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