L-carnitine, l-leucine, creatine may promote muscle mass and strength

Muscle mass and strength naturally decline with age. In this study, 42 healthy adults, age 55 to 70, took a placebo, or 1,500 mg of l-carnitine with or without 2,000 mg l-leucine, 3,000 mg creatine, and 400 IU vitamin D3, per day.

After eight weeks, muscle mass, strength, and mobility were stable in the l-carnitine group while declining slightly for placebo. Those taking the carnitine leucine-creatine-vitamin D combination saw total lean muscle mass increase by an average of 2.2-pounds, leg lean muscle mass increase by 11.2 ounces and, compared to placebo, lower leg strength was 2.2 pounds greater. Discussing the findings, doctors said the supplements likely built lean muscle mass and lower leg strength by increasing the ability of the body to synthesize protein, and that taking these nutrients beyond eight weeks may further enhance physical performance in healthy older adults. 

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