Lose fat and weight with green tea

A growing number of studies support the idea that green tea activates key metabolic pathways in thermogenesis and weight control.

Researchers from Thailand conducted a study to determine the effects of green tea on weight loss and potential mechanisms of action. Overweight subjects were randomized to receive a placebo or 250 mg green tea capsules at breakfast, lunch and dinner (a total of 100 mg EGCG per day) over a 12-week period.

After only 4 weeks, green tea supplementation resulted in a 6 pound greater weight loss. By 8 weeks, weight loss was 11 pounds greater with green tea. The greater weight loss was due mainly to a decrease in body fat. Food intake was not different, but resting energy expenditure was increased more with green tea supplementation, as was fat oxidation. The results show impressive weight and fat loss in a short time period of green tea supplementation and confirm the effect is mediated in part by an increase in thermogenesis. 

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