Green Tea enhances fat burning at rest and after high-intensity exercise

Green tea has been shown to increase fat burning at rest, but its effects during exercise, especially higher intensity efforts, have not been addressed until now. Healthy women performed a bout of 20 minutes of intermittent sprints on a cycle ergometer on two separate testing occasions separated by 4 weeks.

On one test occasion they consumed 3 capsules of green tea extract the night before and one capsule 90 minutes before exercise. Three capsules contained 563 mg polyphenols and 375 mg EGCG. During the other test occasion they consumed a placebo consisting of cellulose.

Compared to placebo, green tea supplementation resulted in 24% higher levels of fat oxidation prior to exercise at rest. From 30 to 75 minutes post-exercise, green tea also resulted in a 29% higher rate of fat oxidation. The significantly greater fat oxidation before and after sprint exercise was associated with higher circulating levels of glycerol before, during and post-exercise. Blood glycerol is an indicator of enhanced fat breakdown from adipose tissue fat stores. These results provide evidence that supplementation with green tea enhances both fat breakdown and fat burning at rest and following high-intensity sprint exercise.

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