Green tea improves exercise performance
Would decaffeinated green tea have the same metabolic benefits as caffeinated? To find out, researchers gave 14 recreationally active men, average age 21, with healthy body weight and fat, 571 mg of decaffeinated green tea extract per day, or a placebo.

Once before, during, and after the four-week study period, the men cycled for one hour at half their aerobic capacity, then took a 40-minute performance exercise test. After four weeks, while the placebo group had not changed, the decaffeinated green tea group burned fat at a 25 percent faster rate, increased performance distance by 10.9 percent, increased average power output by 22.7 percent and had 1.63 percent less body fat.

Doctors said decaffeinated green tea extract along with exercise increased fat metabolism, reduced body fat, and improved metabolic efficiency, and that exercising at less than capacity may stimulate the metabolism and help people maintain longer term training programs.

Reference: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition; January, 2015, Published Online.
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