Green tea helps promote fat loss

We all know the British like their tea. A new study, appropriately published in the British Journal of Nutrition, showed that overweight men and women who consumed green tea daily lost more weight compared to a control group.

The study was conducted at a university hospital where participants were fed 3 meals per day and were also provided with experimental teas. Participants were randomly split into a control tea group and a green tea group. Each group consumed 20 ounces of tea twice daily for 6 weeks. The green tea provided 534 mg of catechins (the bioactive nutrients in tea) per day. The control tea provided 162 mg of catechins per day.

Despite consuming the same meals in the hospital kitchen during the study, the green tea group lost on average over 4 pounds of body fat, while there was no fat loss in the control group. Furthermore, two weeks after the study ended, the green tea group maintained the body fat loss and also showed improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

These findings are consistent with previous work that show catechins from green tea increase metabolic rate and shift fuel metabolism from carbohydrate to fat oxidation, and in some studies even promote decreased appetite.

These acute effects of green tea can translate into long-term improvements. For example, in one study, after 12 weeks of supplementing with green tea (providing 690 mg of catechins per day), men had two-fold greater weight and fat loss compared to placebo.

Consider frequent intake of green tea a healthy way to assist in losing a few extra pounds.



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