EGCG from green tea boosts immune system cell production

The immune system produces several types of T cell “soldier” cells that attack invading bacteria and viruses. It also produces “regulatory” cells that shut down the soldier cells after the invasion is over, rebalancing the immune system.

In one study, researchers gave mice EGCG, the antioxidant polyphenol found in green tea. EGCG significantly increased the number and frequency of regulatory T cells in the spleen and lymph nodes, helping control the immune process.

While the effects of EGCG were not as potent as with some prescription drugs, researchers said EGCG raised fewer concerns about long-term use and toxicity.Doctors concluded that EGCG is a natural, plant-based antioxidant that can affect the number of regulatory T cells, providing a simple, effective, whole-food approach to enhancing immunity.

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