Green tea accelerates weight loss compared to caffeine alone

The catechins in green tea have important effects on raising metabolism and increasing fat burning. There have been so many studies assessing the health benefits of green tea, including several that examined weight loss, that researchers were prompted to conduct a meta-analysis to determine the average weight loss in response to supplementation.

Results from 15 studies that examined green tea catechins and its naturally occurring caffeine content were included, which represented 1,243 people studied from 8 to 24 weeks. Collectively, the group taking green tea catechins plus caffeine was associated with a significantly greater weight loss when compared to a control group taking caffeine alone. The average difference in weight loss was about three pounds over approximately 12 weeks. The number of total catechins taken ranged between 576-714 mg per day consisting of primarily EGCG and other minor ones.

These findings provide convincing evidence that green tea catechins can assist people with achieving greater weight loss.

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