Neutralize calories from carbs and fat to help you lose weight*

Many people have a love-hate relationship with carbohydrates and fats. Carbs make us feel better by raising our blood sugar level. But eating too many carbs raises your blood sugar too much, causing the body to store the extra sugar as fat. The big challenge is to keep a small slip-up from becoming a big failure. 

That's where Carb Erase®Fat Erase®, and Carb & Fat Erase® come in. These formulas allow you to indulge occasionally without destroying your diet.


Carb Erase® → Reduce calories from carbs* 
Now you can look a slice of bread in the eye again...thanks to Carb Erase.

It works by neutralizing alpha-amylase — the digestive enzyme responsible for converting carbs into blood sugar. This allows a portion of the carbohydrates to pass through the digestive system before they can be converted to glucose, and then fat. This both reduces the caloric impact and lowers the glycemic index of carbohydrates.*

The active ingredient in 2 capsules of Carb Erase has been shown to neutralize 2,250 starch calories in vitro — equivalent to a pound of pasta or an entire loaf of bread!* A double-blind, placebo-controlled study demonstrated starch absorption averaged 79% less than placebo.*

Lose 6 pounds in 30 days

Another study showed an average of 6.45 pounds of weight loss in 30 days for those taking the equivalent of one capsule a day before a complex carbohydrate-rich meal. They also lost an average of 10% body fat mass and more than 3% in waist circumference.*

This double-blind, placebo-controlled study included healthy males and females aged 20-45 years, characterized by being 11-33 pounds overweight for at least 6 months. Thirty days before the study began, each participant was guided by a dietician who recommended the content of the complex carbohydrates during one of the principal meals, so that they could get used to this regimen. Participants were weighed at 10, 20 and 30 days, and only 60 volunteers whose weight remained stable during this period were recruited for the study.  

The ingredient that works this magic is a non-GMO extract of the Northern white kidney bean. This kidney bean extract works by neutralizing the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase before it can convert starch into glucose.*

Reducing carb intake can help you lose weight along with a healthy diet and exercise program. 

Try Carb Erase if bread, cereal, potatoes, pasta or other starchy foods are your weakness. Take 1-2 capsules of Carb Erase 5-30 minutes before a carbohydrate-rich meal to keep starchy foods from turning into fat — and keep yourself on track to achieving your goals!

Fitness Labs Carb Erase  Neutralizes calories from starchy foods*
This kidney bean extract works by neutralizing the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase before it can convert starch into glucose. 

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Fat Erase® → Reduce the effect of fat* 

Blunt the effects of fatty foods with Fat Erase®. It works by complexing and binding fat and oils in your diet, thereby reducing their caloric effect.*

An 8-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 59 overweight women showed a significant weight loss differential of 5 pounds over an 8-week period between those taking the active ingredient in Fat Erase compared to a placebo.* 

The active ingredient is a patented, dietary fiber from North Atlantic cold water shrimp shells processed in Iceland. It's backed by studies that demonstrate 3 to 5 times more fat binding than other varieties of chitosan.  Due to its quick action, it can be taken at mealtime as opposed to generic chitosans which need to be taken 30-60 minutes before mealtime. Study results were based on taking 3 capsules right before two meals each day, typically lunch and dinner.

Reducing fat intake can help you lose weight when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.* Try Fat Erase if fried foods, cheese, meat or rich foods knock you off your diet. Keep a bottle handy for fat-laden meals.

Fitness Labs Fat Erase — Binds to dietary fat*
Our modified form of chitosan from shrimp shells from Iceland binds with dietary fat from food, helping to reduce fat calories absorbed by the body.* Take 3 capsules with or before eating a fat-containing meal. 

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Carb & Fat Erase® → Neutralize both carbs and fat
Our combo formula called Carb & Fat Erase® could really make a helping your body neutralize both starch and fat calories.* It's a 50:50 blend of white kidney bean from Carb Erase® and chitosan from Fat Erase®.

When it comes to personal eating patterns, we know that it can be extremely difficult to change our individual habits. While experience tells us that we don't need another new diet that doesn't work, we do need help. Taking Carb & Fat Erase in conjunction with a responsible diet and exercise program can be just the tool we need.  

Fitness Labs Carb & Fat Erase — Helps neutralize starch and fat calories* 
Combines kidney bean extract, which reduces calories from starch foods, and chitosan, which binds with fat eaten during a meal. It's an ideal combo to blunt the effects of carbs and fat.*  Take 2-6 capsules before a meal. 

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