Grape seed extract lowers blood pressure
High blood pressure raises chances for heart problems and recent studies have found grape seed extract lowered blood pressure in those with elevated levels. In this study, 28 people with pre-hypertension­—just below 140/90 mmHg—took 300 mg of grape seed extract in a 40-calorie beverage twice per day, or a placebo. Blood pressure in the group ranged from 120 to 139 systolic mmHg, and from 80 to 89 diastolic mmHg. After six weeks, systolic blood pressure dropped by an average of 7 mmHg, and diastolic pressure dropped 3.8 mmHg. Four weeks after stopping grape seed extract, blood pressure increased.
Those with higher blood pressure at the start of the study saw the greatest decline in blood pressure from taking grape seed extract.

Reference: FASEB J. 2013;27:359.4
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