Taking 400 mg a day of magnesium improves cardiovascular health

In this analysis of 19 studies worldwide, covering 532,979 people, researchers probed for a link between magnesium levels and all forms of cardiovascular disease.

Overall, as levels of circulating magnesium or magnesium in the diet increased, chances for any cardiovascular disease declined. Doctors found that, compared to those who consumed the least, those who got the most magnesium from diet were 15 percent less likely to develop any cardiovascular disease. And, there was a direct link: for each 0.08 millimole-per-liter increase in circulating magnesium levels, chances for cardiovascular disease events declined by 9 percent. Researchers saw the greatest heart benefit when people increased magnesium from 150 mg per day to 400 mg per day. In discussing their findings, doctors said these latest studies suggest that to lower chances for cardiovascular disease it is important to maintain healthy circulating and dietary levels of magnesium.

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