Epicatechins improve heart health in men
Doctors measured antioxidant epicatechins—found in tea, apples, and cocoa—in the diets of 774 men, aged 65 to 84, and followed them for 25 years. Men with the lowest levels got an average of 7.9 mg of epicatechins per day, followed by a middle group that got 14.7 mg per day. Men with the highest levels got 15.2 mg of epicatechins per day.

Comparing those in the highest group to the lowest, men who got the most epicatechins were 38 percent less likely to have died from coronary heart disease over the 25 years.

Doctors also looked at men in the study with cardiovascular disease (CVD) and found those who got the most epicatechins in the diet were 46 percent less likely to have died from CVD over the 25 years compared to men who got the least. Doctors said epicatechins may help improve blood flow by promoting nitric oxide, which helps blood vessels dilate and relax.

Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; May, 2016, July;104(1):58-64.
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