Pomegranate juice may reduce stiffness in OA of the knee
Studies in the lab had found pomegranate juice reduced inflammation in cartilage—the protective elastic tissue between bones and joints; and doctors wanted to see if pomegranate could improve physical function in knee OA.

In this study, 38 people with OA of the knee took 6.5 ounces of pomegranate juice per day or no treatment. After six weeks, scores on tests of physical function and stiffness had improved by 18 percent for those taking pomegranate while declining 3.9 percent for those who took no treatment. In arthritis, destructive enzymes irreversibly break down cartilage. Those in the pomegranate group had significantly lower levels of this damaging enzyme compared to those who did not take pomegranate juice. In addition, the pomegranate group had higher circulating levels of antioxidants.

Reference: Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture; 2016; 96(13) 4377-81.
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