Prebiotics help relieve constipation in children
Children can become constipated with a change in diet, by consuming too little water, or not getting enough fiber in the diet, among other reasons. Eating more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, and drinking more fluids can relieve the condition.

In this study, 17 children, age two to five years old, with constipation, took a placebo or a daily low-dose inulin (fiber) supplement. Doctors collected food diaries, reports of constipation symptoms, and stool consistency and frequency.

After six weeks, while there was no change for placebo, kids who had taken inulin had improved towards normal stool consistency and relief from constipation. Inulin is a natural plant-based soluble dietary fiber, slightly sweet in taste, and is called a “prebiotic” because it promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut called “probiotics.”

Reference: International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition; 2016, Dec 8:1-11.
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