Multi-vitamins extend life in women
This is the first study of the effects of multi-vitamins/minerals (MVM) on chances for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women. Doctors looked specifically at CVD as a cause of death in women who did not have CVD—and who were at least 40 years old—at the start of the study.

The study covered 45,674 men and women, about one in five of whom used a vitamin supplement, and four in five who took supplements daily. While there was no link to multi-vitamins without minerals, MVM in men, or to the chances of dying from CVD overall, when doctors looked at women who had taken MVM for more than three years, chances of having died from cardiovascular disease over the almost 19-year follow-up period were 35 percent lower compared to women who had not taken MVM over the long term.
Reference: Journal of Nutrition; January, 2015, Published Online.
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