Chondroitin may ease osteoarthritis pain
In this review of 43 recent studies covering 9,110 people with OA, participants took chondroitin or a placebo from one month to three years. In studies lasting less than six months, those who had taken chondroitin reported less pain and had clinically better pain scores than placebo. Also in these shorter studies, compared to placebo, the chondroitin group had greater physical function, less disability, and better preservation of minimum joint space width.

For studies lasting more than six months, those taking chondroitin had pain scores 9 percent lower than placebo. Overall for all study lengths, knee pain was 13 percent less for those taking chondroitin compared to placebo. Discussing the findings, doctors said this review of recent studies revealed that chondroitin was safe, and better than placebo in improving pain in those with OA. The doctors are calling for more studies to understand how chondroitin delivers its benefit in OA.
Reference: Cochrane Database for Systematic Reviews; January, 2015, Published Online.
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