More vitamin D, less asthma
Doctors said there are few studies of the effect of vitamin D on asthma severity in adults. In this trial, researchers separated 121 asthmatic adults into five groups based on levels of circulating vitamin D.
Those whose vitamin D levels fell below 30 ng/mL were five times more likely to have severe asthma as were those whose vitamin D levels were 30 ng/mL or more. Researchers also found that, for every 1 ng/mL increase in circulating vitamin D, chances of being hospitalized or seeking emergency treatment for asthma declined by 10 percent.

Discussing their findings, doctors said vitamin D activates the immune anti-microbial response and helps reduce air-passageway inflammation and sensitivity to asthma triggers such as cold weather, dust, and smoke, easing symptoms and improving respiratory health.

Reference: Allergy Asthma Immunol Res. 2013 September; 5(5): 283–288
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