L-carnitine aided lung function in asthmatic kids

Chronic asthma, which inflames and constricts airways, making breathing difficult, is common in children.

In one study, 50 children with moderate asthma took a capsule containing 1,050 mg of L-carnitine each morning or a placebo. After six months, compared to the placebo group and compared to the start of the study, children in the L-carnitine group had significantly fewer emergency room visits, total hospital admissions and need for oral steroids.

Doctors also measured immune-system signs of allergic reaction and found that eosinophils—a type of white blood cell that increases when allergies flare—decreased significantly in the L-carnitine group, both compared to the placebo group and to levels before starting the study.

Researchers said lung function significantly improved in those who took L-carnitine compared to those who did not, and that they believe this is the first study to investigate the benefit of L-carnitine supplements in asthmatic children.

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