Garlic reduces total cholesterol and triglycerides
Because people are more interested in finding alternative treatments for managing lipids in the blood, doctors analyzed results from 26 garlic studies. Doses in the studies included 600-900 mg of garlic powder, 8-15 mg of garlic oil, or 1.8-7.2 mg of aged garlic extract per day.

Those who began the study with higher total cholesterol levels, and who continued taking garlic over a longer term, saw the most benefit. Garlic powder and aged garlic extract were more effective in reducing total cholesterol levels, while garlic oil best lowered triglyceride, or total lipid levels.

Overall, compared to placebo, garlic in all forms reduced total cholesterol by 5.4 percent and triglycerides by 6.5 percent. Doctors concluded that garlic therapy should benefit those who have higher chances of heart disease.

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