Antioxidant blend improves cholesterol and insulin sensitivity

Doctors said that 3 in 10 people discontinue taking statin cholesterol drugs after six months due to side effects.

In one study, 80 people with high cholesterol, aged at least 75, who refused to continue taking statins or other pharmaceutical treatments, took a nutritional supplement or a placebo. The supplement contained 500 mg of goldenseal, 200 mg of red yeast rice, 10 mg of policosanol, 2.0 mg of coenzyme Q10, 500 mcg of astaxanthin, and 200 mcg of folic acid per day.

After 12 months, the supplement group saw 20 percent lower total cholesterol levels, 31 percent lower LDL cholesterol, and 10 percent less insulin resistance. Doctors said the supplement was safe and there were no side effects.   

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