Omega-3s may help prevent some of the symptoms of PTSD

People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have seen or experienced a severely disturbing event, reminders or recall of which can trigger physical and emotional symptoms including increased heart rate.

In this study, 83 survivors of an accidental injury began taking 1,470 mg of DHA plus 147 mg of EPA per day, or a placebo, within 10 days after the accident. Participants in both the omega-3 and placebo groups had begun the study with similar heart rates.

After 12 weeks, to evoke memories of the event, participants performed a scripted reenactment of the accident while doctors measured changes in heart rate. Those taking omega-3s had significantly lower heart rates at rest and during the reenactment of the event compared to placebo. Doctors said that even though PTSD symptoms in most participants in this study were not serious, supplementing with omega-3s may help prevent some of the psycho-physiological symptoms of PTSD, including raised heart rate. 


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