Vitamin K1 may improve cognition, memory and attention in older adults
A new discovery links phylloquinone (vitamin K1) with the protective sheaths and membranes around neurons; the nerve cells that process and transmit signals in the brain and body. Earlier studies found vitamin K supports memory, and cognition can decline when drugs deplete vitamin K, leading doctors to test for a link between vitamin K and cognition in older adults.

In this study, doctors measured vitamin K1 in the diets of 192 people, aged at least 65, and compared cognitive performance between those who got the least vitamin K1 to those who got more. People with higher levels of vitamin K1 performed better on tests of memory, attention, math, and language, and scored higher on behavioral measures including self-control, mood, and desire to engage in everyday activities.

Discussing the findings, doctors said vitamin K1 may play a role in preventing dementia, and that ensuring adequate vitamin K1 in the diet may improve cognition and behavior in older adults.

Reference: Nutrients; 2015, Vol. 7, 6739-50.
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