Pomegranate seed oil may improve menopausal symptoms

Folk and Ayurvedic medicine have used pomegranate seeds to treat many female health concerns.

Pomegranate contains unsaturated fatty acids, linolenic acid, and phytoestrogens that doctors believe may help improve menopausal symptoms. In this study, 78 women experiencing menopausal symptoms for an average of 46 months took 500 mg of pomegranate seed oil twice per day.

The women reported their symptoms for four weeks before beginning to take pomegranate seed oil, and then again at the end of the four-week study. Most symptoms were significantly reduced, with the greatest improvement in hot flushes, sleep quality, energy, and mood. The women also reported a 35 percent improvement in vaginal lubrication. Discussing the findings, doctors said that while the effects on hot flushes, sleep, and mood are important, pomegranate seed oil may be a new plant-based solution for vaginal lubrication concerns.


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