Multi-vitamins improve short-term memory

Doctors said that there is limited research into the potential effects of multi-vitamins on brain performance, and that we know little about how a daily multi-vitamin might influence signs of cognitive decline—such as memory loss—in such conditions as Alzheimer’s disease.

Short-term memory declines with age, and is a potential factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Having a good short-term memory generally means that a person can accurately recall, without prompting or rehearsing, something he or she has heard or seen for the first time in the last 60 seconds.

Researchers reviewed various study literature and found 10 randomized, placebo-controlled multi-vitamin-brain function studies involving 3,200 adults without dementia who took a daily multi-vitamin or a placebo for at least one month.

Analyzing all the findings, doctors saw that, compared to those who did not take a daily multi-vitamin, those who took a daily multi-vitamin for at least one month improved in tests of immediate free recall memory—or short-term memory—compared to placebo and to the start of the study. 

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