Magnesium may provide protection from a number of health conditions
Doctors measured magnesium in the diets of more than 1 million participants in 40 studies covering follow-up periods from four to 30 years. Overall, those with higher levels of magnesium were less likely to develop several health conditions.

Because of the many studies and conditions, doctors used a standard increment of 100 mg per day to measure health changes in response to magnesium levels.

For stroke, each 100 mg increase in magnesium per day reduced chances for this condition by 7 percent. For heart failure, each 100 mg increase reduced chances by 22 percent. For type 2 diabetes, chances were 19 percent lower, and chances of dying from any cause decreased 10 percent for each 100 mg increase in magnesium per day.

Reference: BMC Medicine; 2016, 14:210.
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