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No Energy

Q. Dear Mark, I’m a 54-year-old male and have lost my energy. I come home from work and am just plain tired. Help! —George

A. Excessive tiredness usually results from not eating frequently enough (hypoglycemia), overworked adrenals (from chronic stress or abuse of stimulants), insufficient sleep, a nutrient-poor diet or a combination of these. Remedying the situation usually requires addressing all four factors.

To combat hypoglycemia, avoid all starchy and sugary foods and eat every 3-4 hours, consuming protein with each feeding. Whey protein and MRPs are perfect for this.

To rest and nourish the adrenal system, eliminate or greatly restrict stimulants like caffeine (1 cup of coffee in the morning is OK or switch to green tea) and take a good multi-vitamin daily to ensure a supply of the many nutrients that support adrenal function.

Consider using an energizing green foods formula like Lindberg Greens and Fruits Plus if you don’t consume enough fruits and vegetables.

Finally, the quality and quantity of your sleep has a direct relationship to your daytime energy levels. If you’re not sleeping well, try valerian root and/or a calcium/magnesium supplement before bed, both of which have relaxing properties. If you’re over 40, you might try 3 mg of melatonin to promote more restorative sleep. —Mark

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