Bulking up for high school football

How to pack on muscle during the summer months

Q. Dear Mark, I’m starting high school football in a few months and I want to bulk up. Should I take a gainer or a whey protein?  –Justin

A. High calorie gainers, which supply protein plus carbs and modest amounts of fat, would be a better choice than a low carb whey protein. You can use a whey protein, but mix in carbs like a banana or berries. Try to eat 5-6 times a day with each meal having at least 20 or more grams of protein. Hit the weights hard during the summer and don’t do a lot of cardio other than enough to stay in shape. You should be able to pack on muscle this way. Then during the season, you’ll just try to hang on to as much of your summer gains as you can.

You should eat immediately after practice, so be sure to bring to practice a high calorie protein bar, RTD or shaker bottle filled with a gainer protein powder. This will stop your body from producing the hormone cortisol, which tears down hard-earned muscle. We have many excellent weight gain powders to choose from.  –Mark

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