Natural solutions for constipation

Q. Dear Judy, I don’t have regular bowel movements—sometimes only once every other day. Do you think I should take a cleanser to help me out? —Maria


A. Good elimination means 1-3 bowel movements a day. You should not have stools that are hard or difficult to eliminate—they should be smooth on the outside. Doing an internal cleanse is a good idea to start fresh by cleaning you out, especially if you have a long history of constipation. Otherwise, make sure you consume adequate amounts of fiber and water every day Eat more fiber-rich foods, especially green vegetables and fruit. 

Fiber supplements such as psyllium powder add bulk to your stool. Alfalfa tablets do the same—start with 3-4 tablets twice a day and increase until you get the desired results. 

Another favorite of mine is Lindberg Super Colon Health, a blend of psyllium and other herbs that have a gentle laxative effect and can be used every day.


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