Glucosamine for aches and pains

Q. Dear Judy, I have aches and pains in my hands and knees. What do you think about glucosamine? Will it help me? —Mike

A. Glucosamine is one of my favorite ingredients to support joint health. Anti-inflammatories will mask the pain, but do nothing to get to the root cause. There are also well-established side effects and risks associated with their use. 

I think you’re on the right track by thinking about a more natural solution. One product that many of my clientele have had success with is a comprehensive joint formula called Lindberg UltraJoint®. It has 1,500 mg of glucosamine and 1,200 mg of chondroitin—both important ingredients for joint strength, lubrication and flexibility. 

A few other ingredients in UltraJoint® are also important for joint health. One is MSM, a plant source of sulfur. MSM along with vitamin C (1,000 mg each) are needed by the body to make healthy collagen and connective tissue.

For more severe joint issues, I suggest you increase your MSM intake by 2-3 grams (even 4-8 grams if necessary), either by taking capsules or powder. A double-blind study showed patients with joint health issues who took 2,250 mg of MSM daily for 6 weeks reported an average 82% improvement, compared to 18% taking a placebo (fake pill). The good news is the only side effects of MSM are thicker hair, stronger nails and less wrinkles! UltraJoint and other glucosamine, chondroitin formulas take 4-8 weeks to start seeing results. With MSM, you can experience results right away.


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