Multi-vitamin and mineral supplements

Q. Dear Judy, I have been taking a one-per-day multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. My friend suggested your Lindberg Pink Pack, but it has so many pills. Do I really need all of them?  –Denise

A. Ideally, you do. Lindberg Pink® Pack® has 4 vitamin and antioxidant capsules and 4 mineral capsules. One-per-day formulas have very little quantities of calcium or magnesium because they take up too much tablet space. It takes almost four capsules just to get 100% of the RDI of calcium and magnesium (1,000 mg/400 mg). And women desperately need these minerals from supplements and their diet. 

Pink Pack®  provides the following:

Vitamin A 900 MCG
Vitamin D3 2,000 IU
Vitamin E 60 MG
Mixed Tocopherol Complex 100 mg
Vitamin C 1,000 mg
Vitamin B complex including 240 mcg of folic acid

The beauty of the  Pink Pack® is its flexibility. You can divide your doses among meals if you prefer. Some like to take 2 vitamin and 2 mineral capsules with breakfast and 2 vitamin and 2 mineral capsules at lunch.

If you’re using a one-per-day multi because you don’t like taking pills, try Lindberg Varsity® 2 Powder and mix it into water or juice. Its formula is very similar to the  Pink Pack® and is superior to a one-per-day.


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