Whey protein helps female athletes lose body fat, build lean body mass and increase strength

A growing body of literature indicates that whey protein can augment gains in muscle mass, body composition and strength. However, much of this work has been done in untrained men. Much less is known about how women, especially athletes, respond to whey protein.

A recent study examined the effects of whey protein supplementation in Division III collegiate female basketball players. They were involved in a resistance training program for 8 weeks. During this time, some women consumed whey protein (24 grams) or the same amount of carbohydrate in the form of maltodextrin before and after each training session (4 days per week). The group receiving whey gained significantly more lean body mass (+3.1 vs +0.9 pounds) and lost more body fat (-2.2 vs -1.1 pounds). The whey group also gained more maximum strength in the bench press (+11 vs +5 pounds) and improved agility to a greater extent than the carbohydrate group.

This work is consistent with other studies in men showing that whey protein has several advantages over carbohydrate when used as a supplement around training sessions.


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