Whey lowers blood sugar response to carbs
Eating carbohydrates, especially fast digesting carbs, can send your blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride.

New research from Canada indicates that whey may be able to smooth out blood sugar responses. Researchers had test subjects consume 50g of carbs (sugar drink) alone or with 5g, 10g or 20g of intact whey protein. Compared to the carb-only drink, there was a dose-response reduction in blood sugar responses with increasing amounts of whey protein.

The groups who consumed 5g, 10g or 20g of whey with the carb drink reduced blood sugar response by 8%, 13% and 38% respectively.

The implications are that the addition of whey protein to carbohydrate-rich foods may be an effective method to smooth out glycemic responses and avoid the adverse health effects of high glycemic meals.

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