Whey boosts metabolism and burns fat
The positive effect of whey on muscle protein synthesis is well documented but new research indicates an additional benefit when consumed before exercise — it boosts metabolic rate.

Strength trained participants consumed either a carbohydrate supplement (19g of carbs and 1g of protein) or a whey protein supplement (18g of protein and 2g of carbs) 20 minutes before a bout of resistance exercise. Ingestion of whey protein resulted in significantly greater increases in resting energy expenditure on days one and two after exercise.

These results show that just a single bout of resistance exercise effectively raises resting metabolism and promotes greater fat burning, and these effects are augmented when whey protein is consumed before exercise.

These findings have implications for enhancing body composition and suggest that performing resistance exercise with pre-exercise whey protein supplementation 20 minutes before workouts would be an effective strategy to promote fat loss while building lean body mass.

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