The effects of ribose supplementation of repeated sprint performance

The aim of this project was to investigate whether short-term oral ribose supplementation improved anaerobic power in young men during strenuous exercise.

Eight male subjects (mean age 20 years, weight 165 pounds and 8.9% fat body fat) performed a series of six 10-second cycle sprints punctuated with 60-second rest periods. Using a counterbalanced design and a 5-day washout, subjects consumed either an 8-gram dose of ribose prior to exercise (including a total of three other prior doses over a 36-hour time period for a total of 32 grams of ribose) or placebo. In four of six sprints, values for peak power and mean power, respectively, were 2.2-7.0% and 2.0-10% higher in the ribose supplemented condition (whereas sprint 2 achieved statistical significance).

Tim Zigenfuss, Ph.D., the lead researcher noted that within the framework of the present experiment, these data suggest that supplementation may affect peak and mean power during repeated cycle sprints in men. 

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