Creatine better than pyruvate for increasing strength and power

The purpose of this investigation by researchers from Appalachian State University was to study the efficacy of two dietary supplements on measures of body mass, body composition and performance in 42 American football players.

One group received creatine monohydrate, a second group received calcium pyruvate, the third group received a combination of calcium pyruvate (60%) and creatine (40%), and the final group received a placebo.

Tests were performed before and after the 5-weeks of supplementation, during which the subjects continued their normal training schedules.

Compared to pyruvate and placebo groups, the creatine monohydrate group and the combination group showed significantly greater increases for body mass, lean body mass, 1 repetition maximum (RM) bench press, combined 1 RM squat and bench press, and vertical jump power output. Creatine and the combination supplement enhanced training adaptations associated with body mass and composition, maximum strength, and vertical jump power; however, pyruvate supplementation alone was ineffective.

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