Creatine improves female athlete performance

Most training and nutritional studies are conducted on men. However, women make up an increasingly high percentage of athletic teams and fitness market. Sports medicine studies done on men cannot automatically be applied to women. For example, hormone systems aren't the same and women have less muscle mass than men do. Creatine is a proven supplement for bodybuilders and strength-speed athletes. Yet, we don't know very much about how it affects women athletes.

Dr. Enette Larson-Meyer and colleagues, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, gave off-season female college soccer players creatine (15 grams/day for two weeks followed by five grams/day for 11 weeks) or placebo for 13 weeks. All players took part in a weight training and conditioning program. Athletes given creatine showed greater strength gains than subjects given the placebo, but there was no difference in muscle mass. Most studies on male athletes show that creatine has a marked effect on increasing fat free weight. The effect may be different in women.

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