Creatine supports resistance training

A study out of Penn State University by Drs. Jeff Volek and William Kraemer performed a double-blind protocol and found that creatine supplementation, as part of a weight-training program, can significantly increase strength, power and lean body mass without any adverse side effects.

After 12 weeks of supplementing with either a placebo or creatine (25 grams/day for one week, followed by five grams/day for 11 weeks), and participating in a periodized weight training program, the creatine group increased not only lean body mass (6.3% creatine group vs. 3.6% placebo group), but maximum bench press and maximum squat were greater in the creatine group (24% and 32%, respectively) than the placebo group (16% and 24%, respectively).

This 12 week study showed that creatine can enhance physical performance without any reports of side effects, such as muscle cramping, anecdotally reported by athletes. Creatine allowed the athletes to train harder, leading to an increase in upper and lower body strength. This enhances the athletes'' workout by allowing them to lift weights easier, run faster, and build bigger and stronger muscles. 

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