Bodybuilding products for a limited budget

1. Multi-Vitamin

This one is a gimmie. In fact, it shouldn't even count as my number one choice since everyone should be taking a well rounded multiple. There are many enzyme and cellular processes that require specific vitamins or minerals to be present at any given time. Without them, your progress can be stalemated. We take the Lindberg Varsity Pack 2 (7 capsules a day). It's the best formula we sell and is used by many pro athletes, Olympic gold medallists and bodybuilders. If you're on a tighter budget, another super hot seller is Lindberg Mega One (1 tablet a day).


2. Protein Powders

If the vitamins are the spark in your muscle machine, then protein and carbs are the fuel to power the engine. For building muscle and gaining weight, take a meal replacement powder between meals or in addition to a meal. If you're on the skinny side, take a gainer which is typically about 75% carbs. Or make your own high protein shake using a whey powder, but mix it with carbs like banana or fruit juice.

You need the carbs so you can spare protein for building muscle. After you've gained all the muscle you want and need to get cut-up, reduce your carb intake and use a straight whey protein. They're very low in carbs and are high in branched chain amino acids which your body can partially use as fuel while dieting down.


3. Creatine Monohydrate

Nothing new has hit the market that works as good as creatine. Since you're trying to bulk up, take a creatine transport formula. They typically contain creatine plus 30 to 50 grams of high glycemic carbs to trigger insulin. Insulin can help shuttle creatine into your muscle making it more effective. Many people use straight creatine and take it with a carbohydrate-rich meal. If you're trying to lean down, just use straight creatine without the carbs.


4. Glutamine

If you're serious about bulking up, you'll undergo heavy lifting sessions. That means stress. This amino acid helps protect your body during stressful situations. It also helps with growth hormone production. We recommend stacking (combining) glutamine with creatine or a protein powder.


5. ZMA

ZMA is short for zinc and magnesium aspartate. People get good results from this natural alternative to andro or steroids. It has been shown to improve strength, endurance and muscle recovery. Just take it before bed. It works at night to help with the production of growth hormone.


Honorable mentions:

Energizers or fat burners with stimulants aren't as critical in a gaining phase as they are in the leaning down phase. They don't provide any of the foundational nutrients like the ones we've mentioned but can help you work out harder and with more intensity. That can translate into bigger gains.

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